InQu.MES – Manufacturing Execution System

Integration – Your key to success.


InQu.MES is the Manufacturing Execution System by InQu Informatics GmbH. It provides the tools for the firm control of all production, quality and logistics processes within the organization and is the link between company management and production.

InQu.MES is a manufacturing management system consisting of 3 modules, integrating the functional blocks resulting from the guideline VDI 5600 into one unit.


Benefit and advantages
  • InQu.MES supports the workflow of the entire process execution, thus allowing you the optimal use of the existing resources.
  • It is directly connected to the information flow in the manufacturing process and enables you to react immediately to disturbances. With that the goal of always following a manageable production plan turns into reality.
  • Controlling complex structures within the production process is made easier, you gain higher transparency and with that more reliability regarding your decisions.
  • With InQu.MES you secure and improve the quality of your products and the production process. The increase in readiness to supply and adherence to schedule are measurable results.
  • Only the inclusion of all production-relevant areas into one integrated system makes it possible to exhaust all potentials for cost reduction within the value-added process.

More about fastchain.APS

fastchain.APSDetailed planning of production, process control
Automation – For good planning.

  • The module for intelligent detailed planning of production and process control

More about fastcheck.CAQ

fastcheck.CAQQuality management
Quality that makes the difference.

  • The module for comprehensive quality assurance

More about fastflow.MIS

fastflow.MISBDE/MDE, monitoring, performance analysis/key figures
Information – keeping track of things is key.

  • The module for efficient information management

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